City Spots

The city looked beautiful from up here, I noted feeling content as I turned to him smiling.
“Not bad. Is this where you bring all your lovers?”
He smirked, taking another drag of his cigarette, “Would it make it less special if I said yes?”
“Nope. It’s a great spot. Might use this in the future,” I countered taking the cigarette to put between my teeth.
He turned to face me fully now, eyes glancing down to my mouth for a brief second. “The future? I might have you pay rent if you intend on bringing anyone up here.”
Laughing, I leant in, “Well you’ll just have to keep me busy enough, I won’t have time for anyone else.”
“Oh I know plenty ways we can keep busy,” he whispered finally leaning down for a kiss.
Turning my head away at the last second I leant in to his ear, “and I’ll have to keep you wanting won’t I?”



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