Late Night Buses

“I’m sorry!” He shouted across the street as the bus went past. A bus I was meant to be on.
“What?!” I shouted back, tears falling in utter frustration.
“I said I’m sor-”
I cut him off. “I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID. DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES IT OKAY? YOU CHEATED. You cheated on me.” I couldn’t do this anymore. Why was I still standing there? He’s not worth anymore of my time.
“Why didn’t you get on the bus?” He said, not having to shout anymore as he crossed the road.
“What?” I barely croaked, feeling as though the bus was about to collide with me. Every step he took felt like one more closer to my end.
“If you hate me so much, why aren’t you on that bus now? What’s left for you here but me?” he said, almost choking as his hand lifted as though to touch me, before residing back at his side.
“That – that isn’t what matters here. Stop trying to distract me, you’re only delaying the inevitable. I feel as though I don’t even know you anymore.”
“You do know me though! That’s why you know that you have to understand it was an accident, I didn’t mean -”
“You accidently put your dick in someone. Oh you slipped, was that it?” I countered, the tears falling harder with every word he spoke. It was getting harder to breath.
“You won’t try and see reason in this state. You need to go home and sleep on it.” He replied, acting as though he knew what was best for me. All apologetic smiles.
“You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore. We’re finished. You catch that? Or are you too busy daydreaming about all the other sluts you can win over with your ‘charm’ next. Well good luck with that. Enjoy your pointless existence. Screw that. I hope you HATE the rest of your life.”





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