“You better start running” he growled.
I started to back away, heart racing looking for anything to use as a weapon. There was nothing.
I turned and ran – sprinted – through the house. The party was in full swing. Lights flashing, bodies coating in sweat riving against each other with the sound of grime causing deafness. It was suffocating. Even the walls seemed to be alive with the shadows of people.
Squeezing my way through people, I didn’t stop to apologise to couples as I pushed them apart. He was right behind me. He was going to catch me, kill me. I had to run. RUN. The exit was in site, looking like the gates to Heaven’s doorstep as the streetlights blazed through. Finally managing to push past the last body I flew through the door.
I stopped to catch my breath and glanced back for a second. There was no one there. In fact there wasn’t a person in sight, no pursuer nor a drunk teenager.
“What?” I whispered before I fell.



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