Camp Fires

The camp fire roared as they added gasoline to it. We really needed that gasoline to get back but I wasn’t so inclined to mention that fact since everyone seemed so happy in the moment.

It was like one of those cosy scenes from a movie – a group of misfits, sat on logs, roasting marshmallows, wrapped up together in blankets. I felt so content. Nothing else in the world mattered apart from these group of people. God I loved them. We were a misshaped family – like a jigsaw left with jiggered scars. Sure we had our fights, some I’m not proud to say I was the instigator. But that’s the thing about family – you fight then you make up.

I inhaled, taking in the smell of burning wood. In the future, every time I smelt that smoky smell I’d associate it with this exact moment. When everything in life was good. No thoughts of the responsibilities that loomed over us like monsters ready to eat away at our souls. No. Right now all we needed was each other. And maybe a little bit of alcohol.



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