A little white lie.

You can never trust someone who lies so easily. Even if it’s a little white lie, the fact you know they’re capable of lying straight to your face without hesitation proves they’ve done it before. And they’ll do it again. Little lies lead to big lies and big lies lead to fallouts and pain and loss. What is the point of lying?

He asked himself this a lot over the past weekend. His best friend had lied to him since he first met her. She told him she’d had cancer. That turned out to be a lie. Why the hell would someone lie about something massive like that? The answer to that was to probably gain pity from peers, meaning they always kept close, always looked for validation from her. Made her feel needed. The fact of the matter was though, he was actually a decent person. So if she had just established to friend to normal way – with mutual interests – instead of lying about having a terminal illness, they’d probably still be friends.

She’d also lied about her Auntie dying just the other week. He’d been there when she was in tears over it, bawling out her eyes because her auntie was who she was closest to in the world. Another lie. There wasn’t even an Auntie. She was making it all up. Maybe she had thought the pity for her cancer had died over time and needed some way to keep the established friendship. Keeping a friendship was as simple as going for a coffee together. But alas, another lie. He had to face her today after those lies. She couldn’t be avoided, they sat together in almost every lesson. Maybe he could be the bigger person and forgive her. She didn’t deserve it but the only other option was a silence full of tension.

He got to class ten minutes late only to find her seat empty.



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