A Dance

“Our first dance,” he noted as our bodies came together.
She smiled up at him, “I’ll try not to step on your feet.”

Their hands laced together, skin so smooth and young, fingers easily finding their way between each other. She looked down at their feet when his eyes became too bearing. They moved seamlessly together, no awkward stepping on each others toes. Their perfect harmony was caught by those around them, as they too moved together. Her dress moved in time with her, moving like waves and he was the wind controlling how high they’d rise and fall. And higher they rose as the tempo increased, the music reaching a crescendo, both hearts pounding. She was looking into his eyes again. They were like magnets. He had been looking into hers the whole time, he was drowning in them.

He dipped her, elegantly, their mouths so close. He’d never dipped anyone in his life, just saw it on movies and saw how girls would swoon in reaction. Indeed, she blushed, glancing down at his lips for a brief second before being gently pulled back up. The waves were calming now as the music drew to a close, yet the storm was only just beginning.

They moved away from each other, politely bowing and sharing a smile.



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